Dario Salice

self published


At Jenario, our love for books knows no bounds, extending from the written word to the tactile pleasure of notebooks, workbooks, and even paper agendas. While Jennifer harbors a particular fondness for physical planners, Dario leans more towards digital solutions for organization. Despite these differences, our shared enthusiasm for publishing has led us down the […]

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Daily Doodle book

A Doodle a Day

In the world of the Jenario Idea Lab, one of the recent products has been the Daily Doodle book. This low-content publication, released on Amazon in December 2023, is a pocket-sized collection of simple drawing prompts. Its roots trace back to a workshop I attended in 2011, aptly named  “Brave the Line” (“Mut zum Strich

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ProtectYour.Business two people sitting at a desk illustration

Protect Your Business

In an era where digital presence intertwines with every facet of business operations, from customer engagement to supply chain management, the significance of cyber security cannot be overstated. ProtectYour.Business emerges as a beacon for small businesses navigating the treacherous waters of online security threats. With a mission deeply aligned with Jenario’s core pillars—Education, Technology, and

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