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Partner at Actevely.com

“In the latter part of 2023, we at Jenario took a heartfelt leap into a new venture, embracing Actevely.com with our time, expertise, and a fountain of fresh ideas. This collaboration on the Yoga-Platform is a dream woven from longstanding bonds with our friends Isabel Steiner and Marcel Eyer. The years have ripened our desire to create alongside them, and now, we’ve found our perfect canvas.

For us at Jenario, this venture is a delightful dance of sharing our know-how while embracing the art of learning new skills, especially in the realm of promoting wellness platforms. Collaborating with the founders of Actevely, we are thrilled to embark on a journey to enhance the platform’s sustainability and charm, specifically tailored for the Swiss Yoga community. It’s a beautiful blend of friendship, expertise, and the shared goal of nurturing a healthier, more connected world.

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Inverted Product Manager Community group

Dario brings his rich expertise as a product manager in the trust and safety arena, uniting with the brilliant minds of Jeroen Kemperman and Dana Kaufman. Together, they are crafting a unique community space, designed specifically for those who stand as guardians of trust and safety in the online and digital realms. This initiative is fueled by a vision to connect and empower those who dedicate themselves to protecting the internet. At Jenario, we’re channeling our energy and passion into this group, aiming to build a supportive network for these unsung heroes who keep our digital world secure and trustworthy.

Learn more on our LinkedIn group: Inverted Product Management

PAST Engagements

Ad-interim Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Keyless

Dario Salice, with his seasoned expertise as a product leader and security professional, embarks on an enriching role as the ad-interim CPO (Chief Product Officer) at Keyless. His vision is clear and compelling: to shape innovative authentication products that resonate with banks, fintechs, and digital identity trailblazers. Dario’s journey at Keyless is a vibrant blend of innovation and digital safety, a testament to his dedication to merging creativity with security in the digital landscape.

Beginning in spring 2023, this part-time engagement reflects Dario’s commitment to balance – nurturing his professional endeavors alongside personal pursuits and family time. His role at Keyless isn’t just a job; it’s a harmonious integration of leadership and life, illustrating Keyless’s progressive ethos in valuing flexibility and diverse responsibilities.

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