Our Story

Let’s take a trip back to 2014, in the energetic heart of Silicon Valley. This is where our story begins, with two adventurous souls, Jennifer and Dario. Jennifer had just arrived from the sunny landscapes of Spain, while Dario made his way from the picturesque Swiss mountains. It wasn’t long before they discovered a shared spark – a love for learning and an unquenchable curiosity.

‘Embrace what you don’t know’ became their shared motto, and life sure had some exciting twists in store for them. Together, they embarked on a journey filled with personal and professional adventures under the Californian sun, started a beautiful family, and then packed up their dreams to move to the UK.

It was this blend of experiences, skills, and the thrill of learning something new that led to the birth of Jenario. It’s more than just a company; it’s a culmination of everything they’re passionate about, and a constant journey of discovery. So, that’s us – Jennifer and Dario, the hearts behind Jenario, where every day is about mixing what we know with the excitement of what we’re yet to learn.

Vision and Mission

Here at Jenario, our vision is pretty simple yet super exciting. We’re all about mixing our skills, experiences, and that ever-present curiosity to cook up something special. Think of it as a magical crossroad where technology, creativity, and education meet, not just in the work we do for others, but also in how we grow ourselves.

Our dream? To tinker with our own ideas, kind of like kids in a creative playground, but there’s more! We’re super keen on teaming up with other amazing folks out there. Why? Because when we join forces, we can create things that are way cooler and bigger than anything we could do alone. It’s all about making awesome stuff together, stuff that’s more amazing than just the sum of its parts!

Meet the Founders

Meet Jennifer and Dario, the dynamic duo behind Jenario. Their journeys, as unique as their personalities, come together to create a fusion of diverse experiences and skills.

Jennifer Salice

Jennifer’s story is a tapestry of culture and education. Raised between the charming vibes of Georgia, USA, and the vibrant energy of Jamaica, she found her calling in education. With a passion for mathematics, she spent years teaching high-school students the intricate dances of calculus in prestigious private schools. But that’s not all – Jennifer’s heart also beats for writing and exploring new horizons. This love took her to Spain, where she embraced the role of an educator, before finally landing in the tech-hub of San Francisco Bay Area.

Dario Salice

Dario’s journey, on the other hand, is steeped in the world of technology. Growing up in Switzerland, with an Italian father and a Swiss mother, he was always intrigued by the mechanics of the digital world. His career is a chronicle of achievements in infrastructure and security, showcasing his flair for leading cross-functional teams through the maze of complex tech problems. His professional path meandered from the Swiss landscapes to the bustling tech scene of California, and eventually to the UK.

Together, Jennifer and Dario are the heart and soul of Jenario. Their contrasting backgrounds – one in education and arts, the other in technology and product leadership – blend perfectly to fuel their shared vision. It’s this unique combination of talents and experiences that makes Jenario not just a company, but a cradle of innovation and creativity.