At Jenario, our love for books knows no bounds, extending from the written word to the tactile pleasure of notebooks, workbooks, and even paper agendas. While Jennifer harbors a particular fondness for physical planners, Dario leans more towards digital solutions for organization. Despite these differences, our shared enthusiasm for publishing has led us down the exciting path of creating No- and Low-Content books available to everyone through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP): A Gateway to Creativity

KDP has revolutionized the way we bring our ideas to life, offering a seamless platform for self-publishing content in both physical and eBook formats. This service not only simplifies the publishing process but also incorporates a print-on-demand feature, ensuring our books are printed and delivered only when a customer places an order. This eco-friendly approach aligns perfectly with our vision of making personalized books accessible to a wider audience without unnecessary waste.

The World of No- and Low-Content Books

No- and Low-Content books are unique; they serve as a canvas for users to fill with their own thoughts, drawings, and discoveries. From meticulously structured notebooks to creative workbooks covering a vast array of topics, these books are designed to inspire and facilitate personal content creation. Whether it’s for journaling, planning, or educational purposes, our publications offer something for everyone.

Jenario Idea Lab: Where Ideas Come to Life

The Jenario Idea Lab is our creative playground, a space dedicated to experimenting with new concepts and learning valuable skills along the way. It’s here that we blend our daily inspirations with the foundational pillars of Jenario—Education, Creativity, and Technology—to produce tangible products that enrich lives.

Through KDP, we’ve transformed fleeting thoughts into published books in mere hours, making our creative outputs readily available to the public. This process not only satisfies our urge to create but also fulfills our mission to share innovative tools and ideas with the world.

Our Collection

Our current lineup of Low-Content Books on Amazon represents a cross-section of our personal interests and the daily organizational needs of our family and work life. Each book is a testament to the diversity of our creativity and our commitment to providing practical, customizable tools for self-expression and planning.

Daily Doodle: Drawing Prompts for Those who Can’t Draw

Maybe you think you can’t draw. Maybe you’re wrong! This book is meant to nudge you toward recognizing and fostering your own creativity.

“Daily Doodle” is a simple yet inspiring book filled with almost 200 unique drawing prompts. It’s designed for anyone and everyone, from beginners to those who already enjoy doodling. Each prompt encourages a quick, creative sketch, ranging from whimsical ideas to everyday objects. This book is perfect for unleashing your creativity in a fun, easy way without the pressure of perfection. Whether you have five minutes or an hour, “Daily Doodle” offers a delightful escape into the world of drawing and imagination.

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Habit Trail: Meeting your Goals one Step at a Time

Sometimes we could use a nudge or some extra encouragement to bridge the gap between us and our goals. Some goals seem too distant – but the time passes anyway, so we may as well get started on the long journey.

We’ve created Habit Trail to encourage you to make small progress every day toward three long-term goals. At the end of three months, we hope you will find you have developed good habits and made considerable progress towards these goals.

This book – part journal, part to-do list – is designed to set you on a path toward accomplishing your goals.

A simple daily routine to help you live more deliberately and take accountability for your days.

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Work From Home Journal

The “Work From Home Journal” is a detailed planner designed to help remote workers establish and maintain a healthy, productive work-from-home routine. It includes sections for defining work hours, managing tasks, setting daily goals, and reflecting on progress. By assisting in delineating work-life boundaries and encouraging regular breaks, this journal aims to enhance focus and efficiency. It also serves as a tool for personal growth, allowing users to track their development and find satisfaction in their achievements. This journal is not just a planner but a guide to a more organized and fulfilling remote work life.

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Gratitude Journal: 100 Days of Finding the Good

This gratitude journal provides pace for you to contemplate the positives. We’ve created this journal to encourage you to get in the habit of spending some time each day focusing on the good things.

Did something nice happen while you were out? Did you remember to be kind to your partner? Are you grateful for your comfortable home? By writing these down, you will intentionally focus on them, reminding you of everything you can be grateful for.

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Our Home-Ed Year: 52-Week Home Education Log

A Notebook for tracking, planning and scheduling your Home-Ed year. Full pages for weekly planning across all subjects, plus plenty of blank space for additional notes.

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A Month of Writing Prompts: Pride and Prejudice

It is a truth universally acknowledged that writing every day must lead to greater creativity! This writing journal is filled with 35 prompts that encourage you to imagine scenes involving your favorite Pride and Prejudice characters. Use alone, or with a writing group to jumpstart your writing.

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