Protect Your Business

In an era where digital presence intertwines with every facet of business operations, from customer engagement to supply chain management, the significance of cyber security cannot be overstated. ProtectYour.Business emerges as a beacon for small businesses navigating the treacherous waters of online security threats. With a mission deeply aligned with Jenario’s core pillars—Education, Technology, and Creativity—ProtectYour.Business is not just a service; it’s a commitment to safeguarding the digital future of small enterprises.

Why ProtectYour.Business?

In today’s digital-first economy, nearly all business activities have a digital footprint, making them potential targets for cyber-attacks. With statistics showing that 90% of cyber-security attacks focus on online accounts, the need for robust security measures is more critical than ever. Yet, small businesses, particularly solo entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises, often find themselves underprepared against such threats. ProtectYour.Business is dedicated to lifting these businesses “above the security poverty line” by offering pragmatic, affordable, and accessible cyber-security solutions.

The Genesis of ProtectYour.Business

The inception of ProtectYour.Business was fueled by firsthand experiences in the cyber-security domain at leading tech giants. Observing the vulnerability of small businesses, independent journalists, and non-profits to cyber-attacks highlighted a significant gap in the security measures available to them. ProtectYour.Business is driven by the vision to democratize access to effective security practices, making them within reach of those most in need.

How We Align with Jenario’s Mission

ProtectYour.Business embodies the essence of Jenario’s mission through:

  • Education: Elevating the understanding of entrepreneurs about the criticality of digital assets and the potential risks they face online.
  • Technology: Empowering businesses to leverage existing technologies for enhanced security and operational efficiency.
  • Creativity: Innovating in outreach and solution development to serve an underserved market effectively.

What ProtectYour.Business has to offer

At ProtectYour.Business, we provide a curated suite of services aimed at enhancing cyber-security awareness and practices among small businesses. From engaging educational content on our blog to informal free consultations, we strive to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools needed to secure their digital operations. Our engagement channels, including our website, LinkedIn, WhatsApp community channel, and Instagram, are designed to foster a proactive security-minded community.

Journey and Future Directions

Initiated with the expertise of our dedicated Marketing Specialist, Victoria, from Nigeria, ProtectYour.Business is in its nascent stages, focusing on creating impactful and actionable content for small businesses. As we continue to experiment and learn, our journey is one of discovery—assessing the viability and potential of our services to meet the pressing needs of our target audience.

In conclusion, ProtectYour.Business stands as a testament to Jenario’s commitment to merging education, technology, and creativity in addressing the urgent issue of cyber-security for small businesses. It is a venture of hope, resilience, and empowerment, aiming to secure a safer digital landscape for the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow.

Check out ProtectYour.Business to see if we can help you to improve your security posture.