A Doodle a Day

In the world of the Jenario Idea Lab, one of the recent products has been the Daily Doodle book. This low-content publication, released on Amazon in December 2023, is a pocket-sized collection of simple drawing prompts. Its roots trace back to a workshop I attended in 2011, aptly named  “Brave the Line” (“Mut zum Strich was the original German title). Aimed at bolstering confidence in sketching for whiteboards and flipcharts, the workshop’s essence has resonated with me over the years.

Rediscovering Drawing

Fast forward more than a decade, and I frequently find myself drawing with my daughter. On a recent afternoon, she requested a sketch of a cat playing with yarn. Despite my initial hesitation, I plunged into the challenge. The outcome, while not a masterpiece, received her seal of approval—her joy in coloring the sketch in vibrant hues was all the validation I needed. It’s important to note here: I’m no artist. My sketches are often mistaken for those of my seven-year-old. Yet, this hasn’t dampened my passion for drawing in the slightest.

The Inspiration Behind the Book

Why, then, create a book out of such a simple pleasure? The answer lies in the ethos of the Jenario Idea Lab to transform fleeting ideas into tangible realities. The Daily Doodle book embodies this, serving not just as a personal keepsake but as a manifestation of our commitment to education, creativity, and technology:

  1. Education: We believe in learning through practice. Regular doodling can sharpen one’s drawing skills, just as it nurtures discipline and focus.
  2. Creativity: The book is designed to spark creativity, offering daily prompts to inspire users to explore their artistic side.
  3. Technology: This project was a confluence of innovative tools. ChatGPT supplied the creative prompts, while Dall-E produced the cover illustrations. Amazon’s robust infrastructure made on-demand printing and global distribution possible.

Is it successful?

Success is subjective. For me, the value of this project was not in its potential to generate income but in the learning journey it represented:

  • Learning Experience: Developing this book was an educational experience in itself. From ideating prompts to mastering Canva for the cover design and navigating Amazon’s advertising platform, each step was a lesson in itself. Just like any other product it was important to Jennifer and me that this book would reflect our values and provide the same motivation to the readers it has provided us to make it.
  • Sales: Yes, the book is selling. The blend of targeted advertising and organic traffic on Amazon has translated into steady sales. The numbers are low, but on most days someone orders the book on Amazon, sometimes even multiple people ;-).  Notably, these purchases are not from friends and family, hinting at a genuine interest from a wider audience.

Looking Ahead

What’s next for the Daily Doodle book? We’re exploring minor tweaks to enhance utility and make it a more rounded product. The possibility of expanding this concept into a larger, more structured format is also on the horizon, but only simmering in our minds for now. For now, the book stands as a testament to our family’s excitement for doodling, and we hope it inspires others as much as it has inspired us.

In closing, the Daily Doodle book is more than just a collection of prompts—it’s a celebration of creativity, a nod to the joys of learning, and a reflection of our journey at Jenario Idea Lab. Whether it finds a place in your home or serves as a stepping stone to your own creative endeavors, we invite you to embrace the simple pleasure of a doodle a day.

Do you Doodle?

How and when do you doodle? Has this inspired you to introduce some doodle activity into your daily routine? If this inspired you, you can find the Daily Doodle pocket book on Amazon: